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Happy Birthday Gavin! Our 1 Year Breastfeeding Update!

January 31, 2014

Here we are! This blog started when I was pregnant with Gavin. It seems like just yesterday that I was preparing for yet another induction (You can read the birth story for more on that)… It’s been a whole year!

first suit

I never really did a “log” of milestones or anything here on Teen Toddler Newborn so I will lay out a little timeline for those who are interested.

Day 1: Latched like a champ and nursed nonstop. At least it seemed like it.

Week 8: Started sleeping through the night.

Week 9: Stopped sleeping through the night.

Month 4: Sitting up unassisted!

Month 5: First 2 teeth (bottom front)

Month 6: Introduced solid food. Started with homemade pureed butternut squash.

Stopped gaining weight.

Diagnosed with upper lip tie AND tongue tie.

Month 7: First tongue tie revision… followed by upper lip tie revision.

Gaining weight again!

2 more teeth, the top front ones.

Month 8: Second tongue tie revision. The first one healed itself back together, reattached.

“Cruising” around while holding furniture!

Month 9: Walking!! AND 2 more teeth!

Month 10: Still breastfeeding. Even with the tongue and lip ties he still managed to nurse well enough. The bad latch did cause him to swallow air which led to a gassy, fussy baby as well as copious amounts of spitting up! We dealt with that since around the second week.

Month 11: 2 more teeth!

Month 12:

first cake2

Here we are at month 12. Gavin had his first taste of birthday cake and yes, I knew ahead of time that I made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I was ready for it. I didn’t make it from scratch but I did make it myself. I used the sugar-free boxed cake mix made by Pillsbury as well as sugar-free frosting. They use Splenda. I did this more for the great grand parents. They are both diabetic and must be mindful of their sugar intake.

He has met the physical milestones early enough. However, his verbal communication is still coming along slowly by comparison. Maybe because he is a boy. Maybe because of his tongue tie. I have no idea, time will tell. He is signing things like “Eat”, “More” and “Milk”. So he is communicating. The only verbal he does is “Mama” which really means “Milk”. “Nanana” means food or num-nums. He also hums “Uh Oh” when he drops something.


We are still breastfeeding! He will occasionally sleep through the night but most nights he wakes to nurse. I stopped pumping at work when he was about 11 months old. He started refusing a bottle from Daddy or his sister. He also started waiting up for me to get home and nurse him which was my usual pump time. I have no plans to stop nursing or a timeframe in which I plan to wean. When he is ready he will let me know.

So… I promised an announcement! There is going to be a new baby in the family! I am NOT pregnant. But someone else is. She only told a select few people about it so I’m not getting any more specific yet. I’m pretty sure none of my family reads this blog so I feel pretty safe, but just in case!! I might try to convince her to write a story or 2 for the blog to keep up the “newborn” topics.

Thanks for taking this journey with me! It means a lot to be able to share. The “Teen” starts high school next year so I know I will have some interesting things to share.

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