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Why do I love my #Mombo?

May 24, 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was given a fantastic opportunity to share a great product with you for mom and baby! The Mombo is so much more than your average nursing pillow. The Mombo has 2 sides. This design is called Firm2Soft! On one side of the pillow is a firm foam that keeps it shape and provides great support when using it for nursing or holding your baby. Flip it over and feel the soft side! This soft side is fluffy and squishy for light support during activities like tummy time and support for sitting up! And to make it even better, there is a removable vibrating disk that helps soothe baby!



I received a mombo nursing pillow and a very cute, double sided slip cover to play with and tell you about! The slip cover is very cute with colorful elephants, called Elepaloo, on one side and celery green, super soft, plush fuzzyiness on the other!

The removable vibration unit is very simple to use. There is a large button on top that turns it on and off. You simply insert it into the slot on the back of the Mombo before putting the slip cover. While the disk in place you an gently press the pillow (where the disk is) to turn it on or off. There are no switches etc.

We love using the Mombo for tummy time and learning to sit up! At almost 4 months old, the “Newborn” is already rolling from his tummy to his back, which started at 1 month (I have video proof) and is beginning to roll from back to front! So, tummy time has turned into “lets try to sit up” time! The support offered by the Mombo is fantastic and if he gets tired and starts to fuss, I can turn the vibration on to sooth him without taking him out.

Of course this is also great for nursing moms. Our little milk monster prefers to nurse practically sitting upright. He likes to have his tush on my knees so we don’t get to use it much for actual nursing. We do use it to support while the Toddler is holding him and my husbands Grandmother hold him. She is physically impaired due to more than one stroke. The Mombo makes it much easier for her to hold him because she can only use one hand.

My overall opinion is that this is the newest must have for moms! I have tried many different nursing pillows that can’t even compare! The only thing that would make it better would be a pocket or two on the slipcover for cell phone, remote, etc. The quality is amazing!! I had to wash the cover very soon after the first use due to a leaky diaper. It cleaned easily with no stains! I also love the overall construction of the pillow and cover! The piping around the cover is a sweet and professional touch!

Connect with Comfort & Harmony on Facebook as well as Comfort & Harmony on Twitter for more products, advice and experiences! The Mombo is availabel for purchase a Babies R Us!

What do you think about the Mombo? Have you tried one? Please share your experience in a comment below!

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