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Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight for TruKid

May 24, 2013

Another fantastic Sponsor of Summer Splash is TruKid!


TruKid is created by a mom of 6 named Jennifer! She saw a need for a natural product for her kids and off she went! TruKid also carries a line of natural hair products, body washes, relief balms called “Hero Sticks” and of course natural sunscreen!


The TruKid Philosophy:

We encourage kids to form healthy habits that last a lifetime. By combining all natural skincare with fun and education, TruKid™ cultivates a relationship between healthy habits and being a kid. In turn, our goal is that kids will grow up taking care of themselves, each other and their environment. Families receive only the best in ingredients, attention and dedication to their well-being.

~The TruKid Team

TruBaby was named ” Most Awesome Sunscreen & Lotion” winner by Red Tricycle!

The formula is:

  • non-toxic
  • nano-free
  • reef friendly
  • mineral based
  • uses mostly organic ingredients
  • contains no artificial colors
  • no fragrances
  • broad spectrum for UVA/UVB protection
  • non-greasy
  • long lasting

All TruKid products are biodegradable and come in BPA free bottles!


Our Experience:

I am now the proud owner of the TruBaby Water & Play SPF 30+, a water resistant sunscreen for babies ages 6 months and up! This stuff is great! I know the baby still has 2 more months before it is recommended that he use it so I did use it on the Toddler! The Teen and Toddler had a fun time in a little inflatable pool in our back yard this weekend and I ham happy to report that The Toddler shows no signs of a burn. The Teen, on the other hand, is a different story. She failed to apply anything at all! I hope that will teach her!

My overall impression is that obviously this stuff works!! There was absolutely no smell to it. It was thick and creamy. So thick in fact, that it took a bit of rubbing to get it absorbed. This isn’t necessarily a complaint. I feel that it being so thick shows how well it will protect the baby. It was not greasy at all either.

The water resistant sunscreen is thicker because of the pinewood resin. This makes it last 20 minutes longer, in and out of the water!


Free Sunny Days SPF 30+ Face and Body Stick with any $30 purchase for Teen Toddler Newborn readers! Use the code “sunnymom” at checkout for your gift! (One use per customer)

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Win it!!

TruKid is giving away a TruBaby Water & Play SPF 30+ Sunscreen in our Summer Splash Package!! See all the prizes one winner will get and enter to win HERE!


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