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Summer Splash Sponsor Spotlight for Bubba Brands Water Bottles

May 17, 2013

One of our fantastic sponsors for Summer Splash is Bubba Brands!



Bubba is the leading company in the “thermal hydration” industry. What does that mean? I’ll let them explain that here:

think of bubba brands as you would your friend, your best friend, someone that is reliable, trustworthy, friendly, dependable, approachable, sociable and a good companion. someone you can count on through thick and thin. it is our desire to have bubba products go along with you in your life.  bubba will be there for you no matter what you are doing. whether you are at work, driving in the car, working out at the gym, relaxing at home, doing yardwork, watching tv, hanging out with family or partying with friends, bubba is there.

The Technology

Bubba has a patented design that is easy to recognize. Their Keg shape is iconic! Their stainless steel products are made with food grade Steel that is meant to bring you rust proof, odorless and tasteless BPA free products! Their BPA free plastic products are made a of a patented copolyester. This brings you dishwasher safe, impact/temperature/odor/taste/stain resistant products!

There are three different types of insulations that bubba uses.

  • Double walled: 2 climate barriers that reduce temperature transfer
  • Double walled foam insulation: Same as the double walled insulation but the space is filled with a foam insulator
  • Double walled stainless steel vacuum insulation: A vacuum is pulled between two walls of stainless steel, eliminating the possibility of temperature transfer. This is the most advanced technology available!


I received 3 different products to share with you! The first is the 24 ounce Envy Tumbler. This tumbler is a great size for having a cool drink with you on the go! I often run errands with the 2 little kids and it is very necessary to bring a cold drink along in Arizona! The insulation is good enough to let me leave a drink in the car for a few minutes without it being HOT when I return. I recently took the Envy Tumbler with me to work for an 8 hour shift. The ice stayed solid for approximately 2 hours in the air conditioned store. That is much longer than the normal 30 minutes in a regular cup or water bottle. After the ice melted the drink (water) stayed cold for the next 3-4 hours when I finished drinking it. I would normally drink two 24 ounce cups/bottles in one day.

The Envy Tumbler uses the double walled insulation so it works great for what I use it for. I would say that if you worked outdoors or were taking an outdoor hike I would go with something with one of the more advanced insulation methods. But indoors it keeps its cool fantastically!

The Envy Tumbler is dishwasher safe and doesn’t sweat! It also fits in most vehicle cup holders. It fit perfectly in the cup holder of my Nissan Titan.

My favorite thing about the Envy Tumbler is that is works great with hot OR cold beverages!


I also received the 24 ounce Hero Sport Bottle. This is my favorite of the three I received and I will tell you why! At 9 am I filled it with ice cubes and water. I took it to work. After drinking all of the water the ice wasn’t melting. I am used to the ice melting and being able to drink that! I had to refill it a couple of times. During my lunch break I went out to my truck. I left the bottle in my truck! I knew for sure I would have melted ice. 2 hours later I went on a short break and grabbed it out of my truck. While it was hot on the outside, there was still ICE inside!! The temperature outside was 100 degrees! I can only imagine what the temperature inside my truck was and it was in there for 2 whole hours! I was telling everyone at work, they were all in shock too. Fast forward to the next morning… I opened the bottle to fill it up again and it still had ice cubes in it! They had melted a bit but, wow! The Hero Sport Bottle kept my ice frozen for over 24 hours!

The Hero Sport Bottle is made using the vacuum insulation method between 2 stainless steel walls. This bottle is also dishwasher safe and sweat proof! The only thing I missed with this bottle is that it is not intended for hot beverages.


The last bottle I received is the 16 ounce Hero Grip in Lilac. This is the same as the 24 ounce Hero with an added benefit of the grip and that it is intended for either hot or cold beverages. This bottle is the perfect size for coffee on the go in the morning, or hot chocolate for the kiddos. It fits great in my cup holder.

The Hero Grip is made with the double walled vacuum insulation which keeps your hot beverages hot for 6 hours and cold beverages cold for 12 hours.

Overall, I love all of the items that we were sent to review! They all have a great look and feel and work great for their intended purpose. I just can’t believe how long the ice lasted in the 24 ounce Hero Bottle. These are definitely something your family would benefit from no matter where you live, what season it is and how active you are. I would have loved for them all to be made for hot as well as cold.

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Win Bubba Brand products!!

In our Summer Splash giveaway package Bubba Brands is giving away a basket full of Bubba bottles and mugs!

Hop over to our Summer Splash giveaway page to see the whole package and enter to win! Good Luck!


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