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Preparing for Baby Giveaway! How to Prep Cloth Diapers with Miss Lily’s Washing Powder. US 1/18

January 13, 2013

One thing to think about when you cloth diaper is getting a newborn stash together! Once you get them in your hands what do you do? Well, the first thing is to prep them for use! Most diapers are not ready to absorb liquid until you wash them several times! This post will go over what you need to know to get started when prepping new diapers!

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The first thing to know is that different types of diapers require a different kind of prep! Always follow your manufacturers instructions and if you aren’t sure, they are more than willing to answer your questions if you email them of even contact them on Facebook! Here is some information to get you started:

Wash all diapers before putting them on your baby. This one should be obvious but not everyone remembers. Whether you just bought one diaper or a whole stash, whether they are brand new or just new to you and whether they are just covers or inserts as well. Sure, if they are previously loved diapers they have already been prepped. However, you don’t know what kind of detergent was used on them and it is not only possible that your baby could have a reaction to it but if there is any build up of the previous detergent it could combine or have an adverse reaction with the one you will use.

In general you want to wash new diapers about 4-5 times before they are fully absorbent. This will vary depending on the material and temperature of your water.

Prepping Synthetic Fibers (microfiber, microfleece, suede cloth)

Microfiber is most common insert for pocket diapers and microfleece and suede cloth are typically used for a “stay dry” lining in a pocket diaper. They are, in my opinion, the easiest to prep. I usually do a hot wash and cool rinse 2 times without detergent then once with the smallest amount of detergent and an extra rinse. I don’t dry the load between washes. I just don’t think it helps and I would prefer to conserve energy (and money) by not using the dryer as much.

Synthetic fabrics can be thrown in with a regular load of diaper laundry. If you have only bought (or won) a single diaper just throw it in, but know that it may need at least one more wash to be fully absorbent. You could wash and dry with that load and just stick that one in the diaper pail for the next load.

Prepping Natural Fibers (organic cotton, bamboo, hemp)

These diapers need more specific handling. Natural fibers will contain natural oils! If these oils are not washed out before being washed with synthetic fibers the oils will rub off onto the synthetics causing repelling! Then you find yourself not only prepping the natural fibers but also stripping your synthetics!

Natural fibers MUST be prepped separately and require more washes to be ready to wear. But don’t let that discourage you, it is worth it. Natural fibers are much more absorbent.

To prep natural fibers I wash 3 times in a hot wash/cool rinse cycle with no detergent, then one with a small amount of detergent, followed by 2 more hot wash/cool rinse cycles! I do not dry between washes. I feel like the heat from the dryer will only set the oils back into the fabric and they would need more wash cycles. That is just my personal opinion though.


Prepping Prefolds and Flats

I have very few prefolds and no flats. Although I have done my research, I have very little actual experience performing this task. I have prepped my prefolds the same way I prepped diapers. It will also depend on the fibers they are made of so I suggest referring back to the previous methods if you plan to use your washing machine. If you would like to try something different keep reading.

You can also boil your prefolds! Here is what I have found:

  1. Use the largest pot you have and don’t over crowd the pot.
  2. Fill your pot about half way with water and add a small squirt of Dawn dish soap. The dish soap is optional but will help draw the oils from the fabric.
  3. Get your water to a boil and add your prefolds. Start with 3-4 prefolds.  How many goes in the pot will depend on the size of the pot.
  4. Boil them for 20 minutes.
  5. Using tongs or a large straining spoon to remove them, trying your best to squeeze out the water. You can use a bucket or basket to hold them until you have about 15-20 prefolds boiled.
  6. Then into the washing machine for a hot wash/cold rinse with no detergent and dry as usual.

Using Miss Lily’s Washing Powder to Prep

miss lilys

About Miss Lily’s Washing Powder

Miss Lily’s Washing Powder is a mom run business. She started out by cloth diapering her daughter  After using Tide for a while she started having stink issues and her daughter developed a rash. She tried everything to get rid of the issues including stripping and trying many different detergents. She finally decided to start experimenting on her own to come up with something that would eliminate the issues and she eventually developed the amazing detergent we know today!

Miss Lily’s contains no soap.  No brighteners.  No enzymes.  It leaves no residue behind to cause build up on diapers or clothing, and because there is no residue, even those with the most sensitive skin can use Miss Lily’s without a problem (including the scented detergent).  It contains no hazardous chemicals, such as the carcinogen, 1,4-dioxane, found in many of the detergents found on store shelves today.  Think about it:  Diapers are held against the body, against such delicate and sensitive skin, in a warm, moist environment.  Your clothing touches your skin all day.  Don’t you want to use the most natural, safest product available?  Miss Lily’s is your answer.

For our new baby I was very lucky to win a 10 pocket diapers from another blog. I have also purchased some and I have a couple for review. I used Miss Lily’s Washing Powder to prep them using the method stated above. I have also used Miss Lily’s on Charlotte’s diapers.

The scent I received was called Love Spell. It smells amazing! I am definitely under it’s spell. Inside the bag was a card with directions for using Miss Lily’s on regular laundry, cloth diapers, stink and buildup as well as stain removal! Very detailed and easy to follow!

So what did I think? This is definitely top on my list of detergents! In prepping the new diapers I tested the inserts after 3 non detergent cycles and one cycle with Miss Lily’s and there was no repelling. They didn’t even require the last wash cycle I normally would do to prep! That tells me that Miss Lily’s does a great job of rinsing cleanly!

We also have been using it on Charlotte’s diapers. Charlotte’s diapers are coming out clean and fresh every time. I have not had any repelling issues or skin irritation on Charlotte since using Miss Lily’s. In fact some of the staining that was already in the diapers has actually started to fade some! That is something I have never seen before!

Overall I would highly recommend using Miss Lily’s on your cloth diapers and all of your laundry for that matter!

Connect with Miss Lily’s

You can find Miss Lily’s online

Become a fan on Facebook for amazing specials and new scents!

The Giveaway!

Miss Lily’s is giving away a bag of her awesome detergent in our Preparing for Baby event! This giveaway is open to the US only and will end on 1/18! Please be sure to read the rules on the rafflecopter form!


I recieved a sample in exchange for this review. All opinions are my 100 % honest opinions. I was not compensated for this post.

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    butt naked or island coconut!

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    Vanilla sandalwood

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    I’m a sucker for fresh cut grass scents or vanillas!

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    butt naked or island coconut are my favs

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    I would choose Vanilla Sandalwood!

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    butt naked

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    I would want Japanese Cherry Blossom.

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