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Preparing for Baby Giveaway! Choosing Newborn Diapers: SoftBums Echo

January 6, 2013

We are preparing for baby! For this post we are going to discuss a cloth diaper that is not only for newborns but I believe will be great to take to the hospital for an average sized newborn!preparing for baby button-001

We are going to talk about a diaper style that will work great for a newborn. The SoftBums Echo is an All-in-2 (AI2) style diaper. One reason why many moms prefer to use an AI2 style diaper is the convenience of not having to stuff diapers. Especially with a newborn. While you are caring for your newborn and also recovering for delivery, the last thing you want to worry about is stuffing diapers. If Dad is helping his hands may not fit in a diaper to stuff it. Having the convenience of all of the components together is a time saver as well.

An all-in-one diaper is one of the easiest diapers to use in that you can just toss it into the wash and when its clean just fold it and put it in your stash. The bad thing about an all-in-one is the drying time! Having everything in one piece means it is thicker and will take, sometimes, twice as long to dry! The SoftBums Echo has the convenience of the All-in-one but the pod is removable to decrease drying time! Since you will be changing diapers a lot in the beginning it is great to know that you don’t have to do much handling or take much time to get them clean!

More about the SoftBums Echo

  • SoftBums Patent Pending Slide²Size is the ONLY variable adjustment of its kind
  • Fits all legs widths from 4″ – 14″ for NO red marks EVER.  Made in the USA!
  • Choose your own Pods for a customized diapering system!
  • SoftBums Echo looks smaller than leading brands, because it’s Ultra Trim
  • No Leaks, Thanks to Slide²Size Technology!
  • SoftBums Echo protects against rash; up to 80% less rash than disposables!
  • Industrial strength velcro closures are long lasting and won’t “wear out” like other velcro
  • Reusable Echo shell saves money, space, and resources

The Pod Choices

There are many ways you can customize your diaper to suit your baby’s habits and needs!

My Experience:

I received an Echo in Ocean, a one size dry touch pod and a small dry touch mini pod. The mini pod is designed for babies 0-2 months. The one size is obviously designed to fit all sizes. I do feel like the one size would be too bulky for a newborn.

The Echo  has a “Slide2Size” feature which uses a plastic toggle to size the leg elastic. The toggle is very small and gets hidden inside the lining of diaper. It is hidden so well, in fact, that I had to contact the company to ask what I was doing wrong! The toggle had moved inside the little channel where the elastic is. Once I found it the process of making the leg gussets smaller was a breeze! Just squeeze the toggle until you are at the correct size for baby and then let it go to set it. Once it is set just stuff it back inside the diapers!

DSC_0006 DSC_0005

The pods are amazing! On the side that will touch your baby’s skin is 100% polyester fleece. This fleece is one of the softest things I have ever felt. I love that the snaps are attached to the tag and do not go all the way through the pod. There is no snap exposed to your baby’s skin!

The one size pod is contoured to fit perfectly inside the shell and adjusts to three different sizes. There is also an extra snap so you can add the mini pod as an extra layer of absorbency for night-time use, heavy wetters or toddlers. All of the snaps go on the side toward the shell so that there is no snaps exposed to baby’s skin!



The shell is waterproof of course. This diaper has a hook and loop closure. The hook and loop is very soft as well! But don’t let that fool you, it is very strong! Since we are talking about the hook and loop, I also need to mention the laundry tabs. There is a gap between the hook and loop patches which allows a good fold between them while washing. Many other diapers have laundry tabs that come apart in the wash and stick to other diapers/inserts. This is because you are folding the actual hook and loop because they are too close together. I love that SoftBums has thought ahead and prevented this from being an issue!

The sizing is great for a newborn! Usually for a diaper I would show you the range of sizes and how it could grow with your child. Since this is a newborn event we will stick with showing how small it goes.


My favorite things:

  • The easy way to adjust the leg openings!
  • The softness of the pods!
  • No stuffing!

What I might add:

I would love to see the waist elastic be adjustable like the leg openings. I know you adjust the waist with the hook and loop but it would be great if there was adjustable elastic as well since the tabs only overlap so much.

Overall This is a fantastic diaper! I will be taking it with me to the hospital for our new baby to wear! I truly believe this will be a great fit and easy to use diaper! I cannot speak to the actual absorbency or fit of this diaper on a newborn as we have not yet given birth. I will be updating with a review of those aspects after that time!


SoftBums is giveaway a lucky reader an Echo in winners choice of color as part of the Preparing for Baby Event! This giveaway is open to residents of the US only and will end on January 18th! Use the Raffplecopter form to enter and Good Luck!

34 Comments leave one →
  1. Sara Swanson permalink
    January 6, 2013 1:47 pm

    I love the green!

    • Sara Swanson permalink
      January 6, 2013 1:49 pm

      I also like the limited addition prints on their facebook, but it’s kind of hard to figure out what colors they normally carry…just the three?

      • Sara Swanson permalink
        January 6, 2013 1:52 pm

        I see there’s a drop down! I love the Alien ones and Sprout the best.

  2. Danielle permalink
    January 6, 2013 2:09 pm

    I love the Ocean color… For patterns the safari one is cute.

  3. Charlotte R permalink
    January 6, 2013 2:47 pm

    I love the Berry Owls print.

  4. Katrina Smith permalink
    January 6, 2013 3:17 pm

    I love green for my little man!

  5. nicole lewis permalink
    January 6, 2013 7:08 pm

    i like the sprout

  6. January 7, 2013 11:06 am

    I like the Midnight Owls print!

  7. January 7, 2013 12:38 pm

    I would love to have the Lilac or Bubblegum for my little girl due in April.

  8. Amy permalink
    January 7, 2013 1:17 pm

    I love the midnight owls!

  9. January 8, 2013 10:48 am

    I would pick snowcone!!

  10. samyra permalink
    January 9, 2013 4:02 pm

    I would like grey

  11. Heather permalink
    January 9, 2013 7:19 pm

    I love Blue Alien!

  12. Amanda N. permalink
    January 9, 2013 8:55 pm

    I would pick Lilac.

  13. Keara B. permalink
    January 9, 2013 10:45 pm

    I just love the Black tie Safari print- so cute! Love the lilac for solid colors.

  14. Lindsay Garcia permalink
    January 10, 2013 7:10 pm

    I love soft bums and already have all the “boy” and gender Neutral solids. I love the safari print!

  15. Lily Ivey permalink
    January 12, 2013 1:41 am

    I would choose Bubblegum or Chocolate in Snaps.

  16. Julie permalink
    January 13, 2013 3:29 am

    I love the Berry Owls print. Either that or bubble gum

  17. Julie Ghrist permalink
    January 13, 2013 2:23 pm

    I would choose Bubblegum!

  18. valerie permalink
    January 13, 2013 7:41 pm

    baby safari

  19. Rachel permalink
    January 13, 2013 9:15 pm

    My favorite is Chocolate:)

  20. Chelsea O. permalink
    January 13, 2013 10:50 pm

    I like sprout color

  21. January 15, 2013 8:40 am

    I like the lilac.

  22. January 15, 2013 1:31 pm

    I’d choose midnight owls.

  23. jennifer laur permalink
    January 16, 2013 12:20 pm

    i love midnight owls

  24. Sarah Hayes permalink
    January 17, 2013 10:50 am

    I would def like the grey one

  25. Rebecca Rushton permalink
    January 18, 2013 10:17 am

    Midnight Owls print!

  26. Liana W. permalink
    January 18, 2013 1:30 pm

    I’d choose Lilac. Currently pregnant and hoping for a girl, this time!

  27. Candace permalink
    January 18, 2013 2:06 pm

    I love the black tie safari! It’s so cute!

  28. kat permalink
    January 18, 2013 2:28 pm

    I like black tie safari and sprout

  29. January 18, 2013 4:50 pm

    i love the owls!!

  30. Breanne Tennant permalink
    January 18, 2013 5:12 pm

    I’d like Baby Safari

  31. January 18, 2013 8:58 pm

    Baby safari

  32. January 18, 2013 8:59 pm

    I love ocean!

    britni.manry @

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