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Choosing a Toddler Bed!

January 2, 2013

With our new arrival on the way, in just weeks, we decided to start looking for a toddler bed for the 2 year old! As I have been browsing through many different websites looking for a great deal, I am noticing some so-so ones as well as some real duds. So I thought it might be helpful to my readers (you awesome folks) to share some things to look for as well as some things to look OUT for!


What to look for and avoid in a toddler bed

I am really trying to be as “green” as possible these days so I am not really impressed by all of the plastic items on the market and toddler beds are no exception! Walmart has great deals on the “character” beds. The average price for them is around $45. Not a bad price at all but I really don’t care for the chemicals in the plastics, the manufacturing process and the lack of durability. So I guess I will start my list with that…

  1. Durable construction/materials. A wooden bed is going to support your toddler for a longer period of time. Most of the wooden beds I have seen will support up to 50 lbs. Not only does this keep you from having to transition again for a while (saving you money) but if you plan to have more children a wooden bed is more likely to store well (if needed) and withstand the use of another child. The same could be said about a metal framed bed. The plastic beds are not as likely to be disassembled and reassembled. In some cases they just snap together, never to be apart again!
  2. Low profile. Check the distance from the floor to the bed. This is important for several reasons. Your child needs to be able to get in and out of their bed easily of course but if they somehow manage to get past the bedrail and fall out this will minimize or eliminate injuries!
  3. The guard rail. Most of the good beds I have seen come with a guard rail on both sides of the bed. This may not be necessary if one side is against the wall but if you decide to move the bed (maybe to make room for the next child like we are) this will keep you from having to disassemble and reassemble the whole thing!
  4. The guard rail, part 2. Look at the length of the guard rails! If the guard rail doesn’t extend more than a 3rd of the length of the bed what’s the point? I have been seeing a lot of guard rails that are only 12-16 inches long. I know I have gone in to see my toddler curled up in the bottom corner of her crib many times and if she rolls her way toward the foot of the bed with such a short rail she is likely to fall out of bed! Of course, if it is low enough to the ground as stated in tip #2 she probably wont get hurt but she would definitely wake up at the least. By the same token, they should also be taller than the height of the mattress, or else they are pointless.
  5. Is there a footboard? This is really a personal decision so you have to look at the pros and cons and see what works best for you! I have read many reviews online that say they prefer not having a footboard. Personally I think the footbaord is one more surface for a child to injure himself. I could just see a little roughhousing and a good bump on the noggin, trying to climb up or over the footboard to get on or off the bed. Some reviewers like the fact that it made the bed easier to make. I didn’t see any negative comments about not having a footboard but I can see that it could keep a child from fall off of that end if the managed to roll that far without going over the side.

Here are some I have been looking at on Amazon:


$69 with some other offers as low as $59.99

I haven’t yet decided what to buy. Like I said I have been looking at many different websites as well as looking at some local stores. We have some time before we NEED a toddler bed. It is probably just my “nesting” taking over. The new baby will be sleeping on our room until he is sleeping through the night, or at least not nursing at night. Until then Charlotte can stay in her crib.

I hope that you have found this to be helpful in some way! If you have any tips or experiences I could add please comment below and I will definitely add them!!


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