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Bundles And Buzz Review & Giveaway!

December 13, 2012

I am so excited to bring you a review for a company that I have been following for a while! I have made a couple purchases from them and have never been disappointed! This fantastic company is Bundles And Buzz! Bundles and Buzz  is a Canada based company that puts together bundles based on a theme. They have toddler bundles, Family Bundles and more. I am reviewing their Mama-to-be bundle and I purchased a Christmas bundle for the toddler as well! I have also purchased a cloth bundle from them in the past so this is a company I am very familiar with! Bundles are always a surprise filled with goodies from companies who are trying to gain exposure to their company, introduce new products, clear out discontinued products or increase their sales. They are also always packaged in an envirosax reusable bag! I am obsessed with reusable shopping bags! Bundles and Buzz also has a very active Facebook page where they give hints to what may be in the bundles. They also are very generous in giving away store credits on their Facebook page just for commenting on posts. They will often play games on their Facebook page for credit as well! You definitely want to join their over 10,000 fans!

What was in my Mama-to-be Bundle?

The whole Bundle!

The whole Bundle!

First I will list all the items! Then below I will tell you about them each separately and what I thought about them!

  • Everything was inside a cute envirosax reusable bag
  • Oversized Flannel baby blanket from Made Just For You By Lisa
  • bare organics Baby Massage Oil (lavender)
  • Tea sample from Dream Tea Boutique (Dirty Dancing flavor)
  • A 15 minute phone consultation with the Sugar Plum Sleep Co. As well as healthy sleep tips for kids
  • A Paci -Catcher
  • lalabee mommy nipple cream
  • Simply Natural “Heal. Up.” Balm
  • Kumquat Layette shorts from Jilly Bo Billy
  • Dr. Sears’ Healthy Baby Bottom Cream

Also included were some discount codes and a gift certificate!

  • 25% off at with free shipping
  • $10 off a $50 purchase at
  • a $5 gift certificate to
  • 10% off at

Individual reviews:

Made Just For You By Lisa- Flannel Blanket


All I can say about this blanket is WOW! It is definitely not your average receiving blanket. It is much bigger and double sided. The quality of the fabric is fantastic and the workmanship is amazing! This blanket is super soft and I can’t wait to wrap our little bundle in it (Pun intended). I plan to put this in my delivery bag to take to the hospital when the time comes.

bare organics Baby Massage Oil


This is not my first experience with bare organics! They were also in my cloth diaper bundle! That bundle included a tub of diaper balm. This massage oil is great! I tried it out on Charlotte. The scent is not overwhelming or artificial. It is quite nice and subtle. I have to say that bedtime is a little hectic sometimes with our 2 year old! After a mini massage with this calming massage oil she was very relaxed and didn’t try to “fight” falling asleep!

Dream Tea Boutique, Mate~ Dirty Dancing


This flavor is fantastic! It is a loose leaf tea so you do need a tea ball or other straining device. I used our Libra Tea Glass to infuse the tea. This flavor includes mango, pineapple and papaya leaves which made it very refreshing! I would drink this tea hot or cold! I also checked out their website and they have a chocolate tea that I would love to try!

Sugar Plum Sleep Company


I haven’t yet taken advantage of the 15 minute phone consultation but I loved all the tips they sent along for an easier bedtime routine! If you pair that with the mini massage I gave Charlotte we are having much calmer nights!



I was very excited to see the giraffes on this Paci-Catcher. We love giraffes! This is something we will be using with our new baby for sure! It isn’t just for pacifiers, it can be used on many other small toys etc. They quality is fantastic.

Lalabee Mommy Nipple Cream


After nursing 2 babies for a total of about 3 years, I am quite familiar with the cracking, peeling and sometimes bleeding that can occur. I haven’t actually tried the nipple cream yet as I am still pregnant but… I can tell you that I am very excited to try something that is lanolin free, fragrance free, essential oil free, paraben free, biodegradable ingredients and not tested on animals. I also love that it has 100% Natural & 90% Certified Organic Ingredients! And of course that is made by a mom just like me!

Simply Natural “Heal.Up.” Balm


This stuff is awesome!!! It says on the top label that is for diaper rash but if your read the label on the bottom it says it can be used for anything from bruises to cuts, scrapes, burns and more! It smells lovely, you can definitely notice the tea tree oil. I have been battling seriously chapped lips for almost a week so I decided to put some on my lips! It felt wonderful and it soaked right it. There was no residue or waxy coating. It just melted in an soothed them. Usually a lip balm would wear off and leave them feeling more dry. The Heal.Up. left them moisturized for hours after. This definitely promotes healing as it says on the label!

Kumquat Layette shorts from Jilly Bo Billy


These shorts are very cute. I think they would be better suited on a little girl even though they are in a neutral color. They look very well made. They are also very comfortable looking. They are a size 6 months so when the time comes I will find a cute shirt to pair it with and try it on my new little boy!

Dr. Sears’ Healthy Baby Bottom Cream


I haven’t used this product yet. One reason is that we haven’t had any diaper rash issues in a long time. another reason is because it doesn’t say anywhere on the package if it is cloth diaper safe. I need to do a little research on that before I try it with a cloth diaper. I know that this is a great company and I trust that it is safe for my baby.

All of these products are fantastic! The thing about Bundles and Buzz is that every time you order a bundle you are fantastically surprised! I have found so many new companies that I love thanks to these bundles! I never would have found them if I didn’t find Bundles and Buzz!

Bundles and Buzz is offering a $15 Store Credit to one very lucky Teen Toddler Newborn reader! Click the link below to be taken to the Rafflecopter form. This giveaway is open to US and Canada. It will end Friday, December 28th at midnight! winner will be emailed to claim their prize!

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In order to receive the credit you must have an account with Bundles and Buzz! They will directly add credit to your account! No codes or anything like that. Once the winner has claimed their prize Bundles and Buzz will add funds to your account!


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  1. December 17, 2012 12:42 pm

    Glad you liked our Dirty Dancing Mate! We have a wide variety of fine European teas, including Rooibos selection (safe for pregnant and nursing moms) with no caffeine.

    Just to let you and your subscribers know – we have a free shipping for orders over $49 to Canada and US for the rest of 2012 year. Stock up on fine quality loose leaf teas!

  2. December 17, 2012 9:18 pm

    Thank you for the review on my blanket from Made Just For You By Lisa! I hope you’ve checked out my Facebook page as well – lots of Sophie tethers, pacifier clips, minky blankets and reusable snack bags to be had there 🙂

    You have a great blog. I will be following it! Should come in handy – I have a preschooler, a toddler and a crawler (almost.) 15 months between all of my girls. 🙂

    Thanks again!

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