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Mattie Cakes Natural Nail Polish Spotlight Review

December 4, 2012

Amber (the teen) has asked many times if she could paint Charlotte’s nails (the toddler). I always say “no”. I explain to her how small children are always putting their fingers in their mouths, that she wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough for them to dry and would get the polish on everything she touched. When I found Mattie Cakes I first thought of my girls and how much fun it could be to paint those tiny fingers!

Mattie Cakes All Natural Nail Polish is made from fruits and vegetables and is completely natural and safe for children! It contains none of the following chemicals:

  • formaldehyde
  • toluene
  • phthalates
  • bisphenol A
  • camphor
  • alcohol
  • nitrocellulose
  • acetones/acetates
  • synthetic colors
  • FD & C dyes or any artificial dyes
  • synthetic preservatives

That means no nasty smell!

Mattie Cakes is water based and is easily removed with just water! A simple soak in warm water for several minutes and it will slide/peel off when you rub it.


 Our Experience:

I decided to let Amber paint Charlotte’s nails. The combination of Amber doing the painting and some wiggly fingers created the beautiful masterpiece above. Prior to these photos I painted Charlotte’s nail to get a feel for the polish and to hopefully control those little fingers. I was very surprised by how fast it dried! Before I started the second hand, the first was dry! This was great because I didn’t have to worry about her bumping her wet nails on the furniture or putting the wet polish in her mouth. Because it dried so fast, I had time to get her to sit long enough for a second coat!

We all like the quality of Mattie Cakes Nail Polish! It went on easily, dried quickly and it was fun! I want to share one more photo with you to show the amount of fun Charlotte had:


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