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Color In Kids Spotlight Review (giveaway)

December 3, 2012

Color In Kids has generously offered to participate in our Happy Holidays Giveaway! I am late in posting many of these reviews due to a 2 week ling illness that took over our family. For that I must apologize. But we must move on, right?

Color in Kids is giving 12 lucky winners a shirt in this contest!


Color in Kids is proudly made in the USA

Color in Kids is committed to bringing customers a US made, durable product that is not only fun but safe as well. Their markers are made in the US and are 100% non toxic. All printing and  packaging assembly is done in the US as well.

Color In Kids also conttributes to 3 charities: American Cancer Society –,  Miami String Project – and Hope For Autism –

Our Experience

Color In Kids sent a shirt for both kids to enjoy for this review! They arrived packaged just as you would find them in a store and even on a hanger.


I let Amber help Charlotte color her shirt and them Amber got to color her own in peace. Charlotte normally is not allowed to have markers for obvious reasons. She was ELATED that she was using markers and went a little crazy! She had so much fun and Amber really liked that she could choose her colors as well. Even at almost 13 she still got a kick out of it.

The markers that were included worked great! I thought you might have to press hard or that they might bleed but they didn’t. Now when Charlotte was coloring they bled through to the back in some spots where she pressed too hard. In order to protect your furniture you may want to put down some paper first, especially with littler munchkins, or maybe a cardboard inside the shirt.

Here they are wearing their creations:

The whole idea is that they can wash out and then recreate a new shirt every time. So the true test was how well did the marker wash out? Here they are after one wash:


My overall opinion is that these were very fun for both kids at a great difference in ages! This is something fun to do to occupy their time and we were also able to talk about colors so this was also educational! They are really a bargain considering not only the fact that they can wear it but it is also something fun for them to do! A great Holiday Gift!!

Connect with Color In Kids

You can purchase Color In Kids T-shirts online for just $15 (sweatshirts $18) in sizes from X-small (2/4) to X-Large (18/20). They have thousands of choices including some that are glow in the dark!

Follow Color In Kids on Facebook!

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