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Blissful Bump Sponsor Spotlight Review: Nicole’s Breast Friends

November 3, 2012

As we prepare for our big event we will begin sharing some of the amazing sponsors who are generously providing prizes for the Blissful Bump Giveaway Bash! This spotlight review is to share our experience with

Nicole’s Breast Friends is a great Etsy shop where you can find great items made by a mom for moms! Some of the handmade items you can find in her shop are:

  • Nursing pads
  • Cloth Diapers
  • Burp cloths
  • Cloth wipes
  • Pacifier clips
  • Crocheted items

I was very lucky to receive a pair of nursing pads to review for you! The pair I received are very cute and also durable. This is how they are constructed:

1 outer layer of all natural organic flannel ( Soft against skin)
2 inner layers of organic bamboo cotton ( Known for it’s naturally antibacterial properties)
1 layer of PUL ( Waterproof barrier that ensures no leakage)
1 outer layer of stylish 100% cotton fabric

I started out by washing them first. I just threw them in the wash with some other nursing pads and a few small towels. PLEASE NOTE: Nicole’s Breast Friends recommends using a delicates bag to cut down on the wear from the agitation in your machine! After washing them I noticed that they began to have a slight curve to them. It looked very similar to the curve of the molded disposable ones I used to use! I’m not sure if this is on purpose but I like the fact that they are now contouring to the shape of my breasts.

I wore them all day just to check out the comfort level and forgot they were even in there! The flannel is super soft and considering that I am pregnant and experiencing very sensitive nipples, they did not irritate at all. I was concerned because even some of my bras are to uncomfortable right now because of it. These pads are very comfortable. PLEASE NOTE: I wore them all day to check out the comfort and because I am NOT currently lactating. Nursing pads should be changed frequently to prevent infection!

I also like the size of the pads. They are large enough to cover a good deal of my breast and still not be bulky at all.

I am not lactating yet so I decided to test them out using water for now. I was actually surprised by how much liquid they held!

How I tested them:

I placed a sheet of paper on the counter and placed the pad on top with the printed side on the paper. Then I very slowly added a few drops of water at a time watching for the paper to get wet. After taking quite a while I started pouring more because it just taking too long. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure the actual amount of water. I blame that on pregnancy brain! I do have to say that it never leaked through the PUL and became so saturated that it just overflowed on the sides. I would say that the amount of water it absorbed is far more than I have EVER leaked! I can safely say that I don’t think these will ever leak as long as they are changed in a timely manner.

One pair of nursing pads from Nicole’s Breast Friends are just $5 plus shipping from her Etsy shop! She also has a combo pack containing 10 pads (5 pairs) for only $24 with complimentary shipping!

Connect with her on Facebook and shop on Etsy! She accepts the new Etsy giftcards too!

The Giveaway!

In our nursing package of the Blissful Bump Giveaway Bash a lucky winner will receive The pair of nursing pads pictured above! Please Sign up for email notifications on the right side of this blog so you don’t miss this amazing giveaway package!


I received a sample in exchange for this review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are mine and are 100% honest!


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