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Blissful Bump Sponsor Spotlight Review: Premama

October 29, 2012

As we prepare for our big event we will begin sharing some of the amazing sponsors who are generously providing prizes for the Blissful Bump Giveaway Bash! This spotlight review is to share our experience with

The generous folks at Premama sent me a box with a 30 day supply of their drink mix to try out!

Premama aims to provide both mother and child with the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients crucial to promoting healthy, prenatal development and faster postnatal recovery.

Low calorie Premama provides the additional benefit of hydration while avoiding the unpleasant side effects (e.g. nausea, dehydration, constipation) of current products with a stomach friendly, On-the-Go drink mix.

Premama is the end of giant, hard-to-swallow pills! I haven’t really ever had a problem swallowing pills but the whole idea that you can just mix a powder into your drink instead made me very excited! They come in a tube similar to those flavored drink mixes you add to bottled water. But there is one difference it is divided in half so you can take some now and some later, which is great for those with moderate to severe morning sickness! I’ve passed that stage in my pregnancy so I decided to use the whole thing at once. Premama suggests that you mix it with a juice of any kind so I used apple juice. When I mixed it I noticed it didn’t dissolve completely. That made me a little bit nervous but I took a few sips and it was fine! I couldn’t taste a difference in the juice at all!

In addition to the vitamins and nutrients included there is also ginger to help ease nausea. They thought of everything!

Premama can be mixed into more than just juice! I haven’t tried all of these but you can also mix it into yogurt, smoothies or oatmeal. The only thing they recommend is not to mix it into hot or carbonated beverages!

I highly recommend Premama for any woman who is trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing. Especially if you have difficulty swallowing pills or have morning sickness!

Connect with Premama:

You can purchase Premama online and at several retailers. Soon it will be available at Whole Foods!

Become a fan on Facebook and follow them on twitter for deals, giveaways and helpful information! They also have great boards on Pinterest!


Premama will be giving away a box of their flavorless powdered prenatal vitamin mix to one of our lucky readers in the “Healthy Mom” package in the Blissful Bump Giveaway Bash! Please sign up for email updates on the right side of this blog so you don’t miss this opportunity!


I received a sample in exchange for this review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are mine and are 100% honest!

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