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Blissful Bump Sponsor Spotlight Review: Fairhaven Health

October 28, 2012

As we prepare for our big event we will begin sharing some of the amazing sponsors who are generously providing prizes for the Blissful Bump Giveaway Bash! This spotlight review is to share our experience with

Fairhaven Health carries products to support your health for every step of the journey to become a parent. With products to help you when you are trying to conceive, prenatal products and postpartum products for nursing moms, they definitely have you covered!

I had the great pleasure of receiving several items to try out and share with you all! I was sent (the giveaway winner will be getting all of them!):

  • The PregnancyPlus Value Pack, which includes 2 months of the PregnancyPlus Prenatal Vitamin, Cal-Mag and Omega-3.
  • Tea for Two Pregnancy Tea
  • DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter

I will take you through my experience with each one! Before I start, I will say that I brought all of these items to my OB/GYN’s office for her to check out. She read the bottles and gave me the go ahead to switch.

The PregnancyPlus Value Pack was formulated by leading OB/GYN Amos Grunebaum. The Prenatal Vitamin is quite a bit smaller than the pill I was taking by prescription from my doctor! In fact, they are about half the size making them much easier to swallow! They also contain no artificial dyes, colors, flavors or preservatives. Below are the actual ingredients so you can compare them to any over the counter vitamin. Overall I would definitely recommend the PregnancyPlus Prenatal Vitamin for anyone trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing! Of course there is always the smell that comes along with any vitamin. I took my vitamins before bed to avoid any nausea.

The PregnancyPlus Cal-Mag is an additional supplement that can be taken during pregnancy. Also included is D3. Vitamin D3 is essential for the absorption of calcium, the 3 ingredients need each other to do their jobs efficiently. After doing some research into the ingredients of most prenatal vitamins, I found that, of the ones that did include Calcium and Magnesium, they only included 1/4 -1/2 the amount you find in the PregnancyPlus Cal-Mag Supplement. That is just the ones that did include it! Some included one but not the other 2. Magnesium helps transport the calcium and D3 enhances the calcium’s absorption.

Although the capsule is larger in size than the prenatal vitamin, I really didn’t have any issues with swallowing it. Taking the Cal-Mag supplement makes me confident that I am getting the full amount of calcium in the supplement. Here are the facts:

The PregnancyPlus Omega-3 supplement provides 1300 mgs of Omega-3 fatty acids. The ones I researched had less than 200 mgs total.

Research indicates that babies born to mothers with high levels the Omega-3 fatty acids in their systems had advanced brain development and higher attention spans well into their second year.

Of the three supplements/vitamins this one is the largest. I really had no issue swallowing this softgel capsule. I have heard stories about a lingering fish scent or even a fish taste to Omega -3 supplements, but I never once noticed any fishiness. I do not like fish so believe me, I would have noticed! I definitely recommend the PregnancyPlus Omega-3 for those trying to conceive, pregnant and nursing! If you are interested in the nutrition facts I have included them too 🙂

The DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter is a super smooth cream designed to prevent stretchmarks and even restore and regenerate skin!  Here are some highlights from their site:

Perfect for growing bellies during pregnancy and for restoring strained skin after childbirth, DreamBelly Butter:

    • Combines the healing power of rosehip oil, aloe vera, honeysuckle and grapefruit, to protect and regenerate skin, and provide soothing relief from itchiness
    • Provides deep moisturizing from natural butters and oils with no greasy, slippery feeling
    • Has the mild, pleasant fragrance of milk and honey
    • Contains no petroleum products, parabens, artificial colors or artificial preservatives

I have to say that I have stretchmarks from my first 2 pregnancies, and from general weight gain and loss. I wish I had found this 12 years ago! This is not your average lotion. It is thick and creamy, not oily and runny! Putting on the DreamBelly Butter is easily one of my favorite things to do. I think the little mister residing in my womb would have to agree! My toddler loves to help me apply it. A little goes a long way with this stuff so I have to control how much she gets. The scent is sweet and soft. I love this product so much that it gets applied on my hips, thighs and breasts as well! Of course I do that part myself. I highly recommend using DreamBelly Butter throughout pregnancy and even beyond!

The last thing I got to try out is the Tea for Two Pregnancy Tea! I love to drink tea! I find hot tea to be soothing for many ailments. the flavor of this tea is very light! There is a slightly minty aftertaste which was very nice and subtle. I tried it cold as well as hot with no sweetener and it was great as n iced tea too! Since this is a loose leaf tea, you would need a tea ball or other device to strain the leaves.

Fairhaven Health is giving away a package of everything I have reviewed in our Healthy Mom To Be package for the Blissful Bump Giveaway Bash! Sign up for email updates on the right side to make sure you don’t miss this giveaway!


I received a sample in exchange for this review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are mine and are 100% honest!


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