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Wanna Join My Freebie Club?

September 18, 2012

OK so it isn’t really MY club… The “club” is actually called Happy Freebie! I have joined because I love a giveaway… and a discount… and being rewarded for entering giveaways and getting a deal!

You can see the whole description of how it works on their site but here are the basics:

  • You sign up!
  • Enter to win the featured item!
  • You are able to buy the featured item at 40% off! (when you get enough honey bees it is 50% off)
  • Earn Honey Bees to redeem for double giveaway entries, additional discounts and giftcards!

The BEST part:

Points are called Honey Bees, here is how you earn them…

  • Enter the giveaway for the featured item
  • Buy the featured item (at 40% off)
  • Referring friends to join
  • Referring companies to be featured

The current featured product



Baby Elephant Ears is a baby headrest that provides spinal and neck alignment for safety and comfort! Enter to win one or buy one for $13.17 only through Happy Freebie! I have the amazing opportunity to be a member of The HIVE! The HIVE is a group of bloggers who will have a bunch of other benefits that are currently in the works! They are in the process of choosing and I am in the running! Please wish me luck!

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