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2 Liter Bottle Bird Feeder Craft

August 31, 2012
Recycle your old 2 liter bottles!

I was recently inspired by a craft for a recycled milk jug bird feeder. Well, I didn’t have any milk jugs. I looked around my kitchen and like something from a movie, the almost empty bottle glowed as if to say “pick me, pick me”. (maybe cuz the sun was shining on it through the window) I felt a little thirsty so I poured a glass to empty this bottle and got to work!

Using a permanent marker draw a large rectangle on the front of you bottle. Cut out your hole JOB FOR MOM (OR TEEN). Make sure it is large enough for a bird to fit into it.
You will need 4 holes in the top of your bottle for a string to hang it from the tree.
Next you need 4 holes spaced evenly around your bottle. They should be about an inch or 2 from the bottom, just below your “door”. Insert the first stick through one hole, across the inside of the bottle and out through the other side. Repeat with the second stick.
Fill the bottom of the bird feeder with birdseed. We used torn pieces of bread. Get out the binoculars and watch for colorful visitors!
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