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Is Tardiness Hereditary?

August 30, 2012

Let’s start at the beginning. I was born 2 weeks after I was due. Could that mean something? I have always had issues with being on time. When I was in 5th grade my teacher got me a Christmas gift. It wasn’t a joke either! It was… an alarm clock! At the time we were quite low on funds, I did not grow up with many things and was often on the gift list in several charity groups like Operation Santa Claus so the gift was very much appreciated.

Why do I think it is hereditary? My dad makes this joke a lot “Your mom will be late to her own funeral”. He and my mom have not been a couple since I was 15 and he still will say it now and then. He has good reason, she is always late too.

Most mornings Amber is telling me “Let’s go Mom”. That makes me feel like crap! I don’t want to be the reason she is always late, and I certainly don’t her to start being late everywhere. So far she seems to have a handle on it and is embarrassed when she is late because if me. Even writing this right now I feel terrible! I can just hear her telling her friends “Well, you know my mom… late to everything”. 

I want to be more dependable in that respect. I feel like they can only depend on me to be late! You know it’s bad when your husband tells you to be somewhere 30 minutes early because he knows that is the only way you will be on time.

I have tried changing the clocks and that doesn’t work if you know they are ahead, and you can’t change the time on your cell phone! I just need to try harder! 

Thank you for reading my rant! Feel free to share any tips… please? lol

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