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My Breastfeeding Story

August 29, 2012

My breastfeeding story:

I’ve never really been asked why I chose to breastfeed. But I thought I would share anyways, lol.

My first daughter, Amber, was born when I was 17 years old. To be completely honest I don’t remember having specific “reasons” I chose this then. I was still in high school and they had a program for teenage moms and pregnant teens. Very creatively named the Pregnant Minor Program. (note the sarcasm, it will be used frequently in this blog) There were several requirements in this program including child development and child nutrition. In the child nutrition class we were taught a great deal about breast milk and breastfeeding techniques and position etc. For some reason this just stuck with me. At the time I think it was more of a financial decision.

My other favorite reason for breastfeeding was that nobody else could do it! I know how selfish that sounds but I was 17 what do you expect? I loved the fact that if someone was getting on my nerves (in-laws, select other family members, etc.) I could just be alone with my perfect angel and look into her eyes and forget the rest of the world for a little while.

I dont believe my mom breastfed any of us. I remember her telling me that she tried with my youngest brother but our home wasn’t a very private one and there were too many visitors. That made her stop and switch to formula. I openly breastfed Charlotte in our house except when we have company. I nursed in her bedroom when we have certain people over. Perhaps for the same reasons as when I was younger šŸ˜‰ I hope (and I feel it has already happened) that Amber sees breastfeeding as a natural thing that our bodies are made to do. I hope that the shame society has put on breastfeeding will not stop her from doing what comes naturally.

I was still nursingĀ CharlotteĀ when I found out we were pregnant again. Because she was 18 months old my doctor said that since she was that age it would be easier on my body to only nourish one baby. So since Charlotte only nursed once a day we slowly cut out that feeding every other day. After a week she stopped asking and I didn’t offer.

Our 3rd Child will be breastfed as long as he is able. My personal breastfeeding goal is to let him wean himself when he is ready, hopefully after he is a year old.

I have heard of breastmilk referred to as “liquid gold” I think it is more valuable than that!

Here are some awesome resources for women interested in breastfeeding and its benefits:

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