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Our Cloth Diaper Beginning

August 29, 2012

 My cloth journey came a little unexpected. I never thought I would even consider cloth diapering but here’s how it happened…

     I was on Facebook when I noticed a post from Teething Bling about a giveaway on a blog I had not seen before. I was so set on trying this Teething Bling so of course I headed over to One Smiley Monkey to enter this contest. Which I did end up winning but that’s the beginning of another story. Her blog was awesome so I started entering other contests she was hosting and skipped the cloth diaper giveaways (What was I thinking?) As I began seeing the many people who cloth diaper I became curious. I checked out her information on cloth diapering which led me to check out other sites… and blogs… and stores! Eventually I made my way to Youtube where I got to see how easy it is to cloth diaper in action! There were no pins, no plastic pants, it wasn’t as big a hassle as I had been led to believe. Not to mention how absolutely adorable these diapers are!

I made my decision

     I never really thought about how many disposable diapers one baby goes through in his/her childhood. I pictured a huge mountain of diapers blocking the view of my beautiful sunset. Then I thought of how many babies are born every day and that each of them would produce another “mountain”. YUCK

     Once I decided that this is what I wanted to do I had to tell my husband. Which I will discuss further in a bit. He was surprisingly ok with my idea (perhaps because I never follow through with anything and he figured I would forget about this too) He suggested I do the math. So I did!

The Math

     The average price for each disposable diaper is approximately $0.22 (depending on brand and size of diaper etc.) My daughter is changed about 5-6 times a day. $0.22 X 6 times a day is $1.32 a day and over the next 2 years that adds up to $963.60. not including wipes, diaper genie refills etc. I have accumulated a few cloth diapers so far. Maybe enough for a day or two with just under $100 so far. That’s a savings of over $800. My numbers are based on the fact that I didn’t start with cloth until Charlotte was 7 months old. I have also assumed that she would be potty trained at 2 1/2 years old. Had I started sooner my savings would have been greater since the money I have spent the last 7 months would have more than paid for my fluff!

    The Cuteness!

      There’s a reason why we call it fluff. Who doesn’t like fluffy little bottoms? The cute prints and fabulous colors that cloth diapers are made of is endless. The lining of the inside of these diapers is so soft how could you put anything else on the most sensitive part or your baby’s body?

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