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My Baby Food Making Process

August 29, 2012
My Baby food process is a little more work at first. I usually prep everything in one day and it lasts a few weeks to a month. I know we all want things to be easier but in the long run it is!  This is just what works for me. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment with them 🙂

Step one: cook food I steam what I can, some foods need to be baked or boiled. Boiling does reduce vitamins etc.

Step two: puree in food processor, blender, or hand held blender. Whatever you have will work!

Step three: put puree into piping bag (or large storage baggy and snip off a corner).

Step four: pipe into ice cube trays and freeze!

Step five: put baby food cubes into a large freezer bag and label.

Why its easier: Each cube is 1-2 oz of food depending on your cube tray. No measuring, no waste, and its all natural. I know exactly what is in Charlotte’s food!! I just pop a couple cubes in a glass ramekin or small bowl and either nuke it or place it in a bowl of hot water to melt. If I microwave it, I make sure to put it in a glass container. When I have the time I defrost it in a bowl of hot water I might use plastic.


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